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Daryl Loftis, Centurion Concealed, Gibsonville, NC

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The main instructor is a retired law enforcement officer, still certified through the state of North Carolina, he retired from a career that spanned across three decades.  He was a full-time member of a SWAT team, for over 25 years and retired from "The Team", as Team Leader of the Sniper Team.

Some of his certifications include: NC Law Enforcement Instructor(for over 20 years), Sniper Instructor, Shoot house Instructor Certification, Carbine Rifle Instructor Certification, NRA Pistol Instructor, North Carolina Concealed Carry Instructor, Tactical EMS Instructor. He is a graduate of Basic SWAT, Basic and Advanced Hostage Negotiations, graduate of Basic and Advanced Sniper Schools, graduate from the National Sheriff’s Association Executive Leadership. He holds the highest achievement award for law enforcement education in the state of North Carolina and was educated at the University of NC at Charlotte where he graduated with a B.S. in Criminal Justice and a minor in English. He is currently employed at a state community college as the director of law enforcement training certification.  He is also currently studying in ministry, working on a Masters in Pastoral Counseling.  He is currently the director of Law Enforcement Training at Guilford Technical Community College.

Past assignments include: Presidential dignitary details, patrol, undercover operations, surveillance operations, supervision at various levels of rank in law enforcement and also numerous tactical SWAT incidents over the last 25 years.

Our Philosophy

After many years of being a professional gun fighter, Centurion Concealed was created after some urging from friends and family who wanted some specialized firearms training. We focus all of our attention on the student and we concentrate on people who have little to no experience with shooting firearms. For the entry level student, it is our pleasure to make your shooting experience not only instructional but also low stress and fun!  We currently serve North Carolina, and more specifically Greensboro, Burlington, and surrounding areas.  

Training Course and Sample Itinerary

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Training Schedule

We will be adding classes on a regular basis due to increasing demand. Please check the Training Schedule for the latest courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to bring my lunch or do we take a lunch break?

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Address & Contact

Address: Centurion Concealed is based in Guilford County – Gibsonville, NC 10 minutes from Burlington and 20 minutes from downtown Greensboro. Upon registering for a class you will be notified as to the exact location of your course (we have several locations we use to conduct the classroom portion of the training).

Phone: 336-451-9382